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This was not a luxurious vacation, but rather, Jesica ate almost nothing but rice and beans the whole time and lived without electricity and other modern conveniences. The group spent a lot of time in the beautiful Costa Rican wilderness, hiking and even Whitewater rafting. JP SW Rmissed Waz^2 JPMJBPLBJM CISCO Thanx F-males Plus All I Missed to mention MM and I 4Ever I'll Love Ya Long Time On My Side Kool those oppose BLOW Mom Dad Kami Mike Love YA! YBfun JSCL frosh GPriohair Kawa CKgramps143SDJBVSADKTGPSHCKSSEPJHM BCKSMKURCJSCL U2RSAIwaysln My Heart Thnk MDJK TGdlk Mick Mo &96 "Pooh Just Is" CHRISTOPHERCONNOR LAUREN COSTA Toallwhofosteredmymind,esp. 38 i Senior Portraits CARL DAVIS Thanks Mom, Dad, Alison! Prfctnight BDNiz Newyrs Gina's NSAIadin Hairpi Mudpi Thnxmom-i-dad fam for everything! This is a group comprised of people with all types of grade point averages, which is always in search of new members, and is always successful under the leadership of Mr. The group meets periodically to prepare for meets and to review certain areas. Rumrill never misses an opportunity to be silly and keep the Academic Decathalon team laughing.

1 Hittin' the road: Seniors Lauren Homer, Suzanne Hoyer, Katherine Keenan, Stephanie Marion, and John Markunas stop to take a picture on their way to their cars. 2 ^^Sm Opening TABLE CONTENTS Page 32 ng Page 104 STUDENT LIFE: Making Tracks SENIORS: Leaving Our Ma UNDERCLASfi Vl IEN: Page 78 Finding A Foo' ACADEMICS: Trudging Alor - SPORTS: Stomping Out ACTIVITIES: Kicking up Sov- ADVERTISED Gaining A Focth M Page 4 Page 124 Competition Page 168 Sand : Page 202 £I^TS Hanging out: Jennifer Connor, Cullen Rizzo, Sandra Pires, Marie Stoppel, Niarra Boorman, Eric Anderson, and Julie Brassard chill in the commons one Wednesday afternoon. One such student was Jesica Myers, who spent her summer vacation in Costa Rica. Roem,etc;l Irnd alot l ULIEBURKE "Do What UWill Always Walk Where ULike Your Steps Do As UPIeasel'IIBack UUp"DMBFun Lafs W/Sar Suz Kel Prom Pix? "-Churchill ANNADIPERNA Seizethedaynewsiesleeni Spainsnorter Es Saracrazynun Benitolatortuga ohdeoh SDKTJBCKLucy Michael Motorcycle-AMS18Cape Codbeachwe allloveadampork&beans VSKC nofriends VSKCRB Squishycaterpillar Hoyt Boys CSEBGetontheboat Tin TWKEGoodluck CIThanksforagreatsm mereveryone Thanksmomdadmarktomsarah Goodluck96 JEFFREYDORAN Grtfrnds DLSKBEMLCWIps Rat NSJVDYS CKMBJKC-Bass Grtmemories Alta(haus, randies, prklot) 4July Walt'sboat Wherewereyou Sow? BENJAMIN FENN TIMOTHY FOLEY Thanks Coach Snow(60-0) Benedetti M. Spang Frio XC Capts Jason Matt Suzanne Vicky Jen Mahon has the can WHSXC does it longer at the Paine Estate and Foot Locker NY in the 2'nd floor lounge(where was EJVT) Chandler-final showdown at GLSC COC and Korn rocked Muzza Chunka? Carl, Earl, Sarah, Julie, Beth, Racey, all myfrnds teachrs Thnk U. Fourth Row: Ned Spang, Brian Elkin, (eff Doran, Katie Mookhiruntara, Melissa Mac Pherson, Cinnamon Grabil, [immy Young, Sow Kobayashi, Dave Sokolowski. Media Homeroom: First Row : Oren Novotny, Roger May, Jonah Petri. Members of this club spend a good deal of their own time preparing things that they will need during their meet, and refreshing their memory on things they might need to know for a particular meet.

Harmon, Ross Homer, and John Markunas are all fascinated by the test Mr. Buddies: Ben Landis, Steve Schuler, Jeff Chaput, Timmy Chang, Kate Kenyon, Jehanne Makhlouf, Jenny Kiszkiss, Lindsey Repose, and Oliver Keller pose for a photo in front of the school. Many students take advantage of the vacation time to experience something that would not be possible during the year. "Man will occasionally stumble over the truth, but most of the time he will pick himself up and continue on. Third Row: Steph Marion, Kim Edelman, Beth Richardson, Vicky Shen, Carrie Schneider, Jen Bell, Mike Ward, Earl Gillespie, Carl Davis, Lauren Costa, Adam Posey. Club Fair: Lisa Olshansky, President of The Outing Club, and friend Emily Andrews, also a member of the Outing Club, are helping to entice new members to their club. 191 straining the Brain The Science Olympiad had another successful season. It is due to the dedication of the many members that this team is so success- ful.

Sasement bash: Juniors Brian Hoffer, Nick Starfield, Bernie 'oung, Ben Landis, Ross Hadfield, C. Navins, Lindsey Repose, enney Kiszkiss, Lindsay Steinquist, Jeff Chaput, Anne Isham, and Vilson Kwong have a party in Anne's basement. : Seniors Colleen Kenney and Lauren Homer cool down with a slushy. The WHY Club had various fundraisers, drives, and campaigns throughout the year for organizations such as The American Cancer Society.

Lounging: Seniors Katie Marshall, Colleen Kenney, Kim Edelman, Alayne Rowan, Stephanie Marion, Emily Perlman and Melissa Church hang out in Alayne Rowan's basement one evening. PC, AH, KS, NT,alwaysremember PC'shouse So.yearyoustillowememoneyforthepizza. They shoveled snow for the elderly and ran the Senior Olympics, which is a day of games and competitions for senior citizens.

8 4^Sm Summer Stars and Smiles: Junior Liz Gronewold and Suzy Perlman dress up for the fourth of July. There were fundraisers, such as the car wash, the Pizza-Thon, bake sales, flower sales, and a raffle, which was never held, but still raised a substantial amount of money. DDmontreal, WNB swimng NDsp Breed, Hoots, Ginns143! Get involved: Melissa Church and Lauren Homer advertise SADD in the commons during the club fair in the hopes that people will be interested in what SADD has to offer and will become members.

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