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Try to limit the amount of personal information that you give out.People aren’t always what they seem and such individuals may use information gleaned from your blogs to befriend you for their own reasons which may place you in danger. While it is all well and good to have opinions on certain matters, it is important to aware of the impact of what you say may have on other.If you have any doubt about what a file may contain, Don’t open it!

Be wary of any other players who are looking for such information. Never arrange to meet with someone you get to know through online gaming unless you have a parent of guardian with you.

People aren’t always who they say they are and you could be putting yourself in danger by doing this.

It can sometimes lead to breaches of your privacy if you inadvertently share more of your computer files with other file-sharers than you mean to.

Finally in some cases it can leave your computer more susceptible to the viruses infecting other machines on the P2P networks and to people trying to control computers remotely.

Remember People aren’t always what they seem, You cannot assume that the information supplied by other users on their profiles is authentic.

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