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Following its release, "La Isla Bonita" received a positive reception from critics.It also achieved worldwide popularity, topping the record charts in countries such as Austria, Canada, France, Germany and Switzerland.So many memories and so many highlights I have to mention two that will also stick with me and that being avoiding the giant cave spiders and bats while doing an adventure caving trip, to diving through a tunnel which emerged into a giant underground lake & cavern, which also included a hole in the roof and an ancient tree growing through it.

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At night we would venture out to dinner at the massive night outdoor food court where you can expect to experience the most amazing food surrounded by the locals.

The Air-conditioned shopping malls meant shopping could be never ending, Kuala Lumpur is a great place to visit on a stopover to Europe where you can stop, relax and explore & shop before heading home.

In the accompanying music video, Madonna portrayed two opposite characters – a young, pious Catholic woman and a glamorous, passionate Latina.

The Latin style and the flamenco red dress she wore became a trend later.

In the US I also love San Francisco and recommend for at least a 3 night stop over if passing through. We were even fortunate to visit during the last America’s cup when the city came alive.

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