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But if the kiss stayed in your mind and you often think back to it, that could be an indicator that you would consider taking the kiss to a fumble and a fumble to the panties… #2 You wonder what it would be like to date/have sex with a woman.

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However, if you start to question what she likes to do and where she hangs out, you might have feelings that are a little stronger than simple curiosity about her life. Even if you realise you are bi-curious, it doesn’t mean to say you have to act on it, unless you want to.

If you discover that whenever you meet an attractive woman, you question what she looks like in her underwear, whether she has thought about kissing another woman, or more importantly, kissing you, then it might be time to acknowledge your bi-curiosity. If you can identify with a few or all of the points above, there is a good chance you may be bi-curious. Some women simply acknowledge they are attracted to the same sex and just leave it as a fun fantasy.

Embrace your womanhood and enjoy being the person you are, without feeling the need to label yourself to the rest of the world.

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