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Hosting a trial for ETW 2017 offers several benefits for organizers : → Hosting a BOM Trial doesn't cost you anything but filling two Google Forms.

But they are the most emblematic ones, those that made Magic!

General rules of the French "Old School" format The spirit of the format would require that cards are only allowed in the English original edition but most Tournament Organizers allows any language and several reprints to open and enlarge their tournaments' player base.

To know which languages and reprints are authorized by Bazaar of Moxen, please read further.

In the Swedish rules (which acts as the world’s reference), Fallen Empires is not a legal expansion.

Fallen Empires has been added after a lot of players test, mostly to grant players access to Hymn to Tourach and Order of the Ebon Hand, as they allow black-based decks to be able to compete with the blue-based decks, like "The Deck".

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