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Step Bore S = 10.50mm / xxx" (eg: YTR-6810) MS = 11.00mm / 0.433" (eg: YFH-631) M = 11.24mm / 0.442" (eg: YTR-946) M = 11.25mm / 0.443" (eg: YTR-948FFMS) M = 11.30mm / 0.445" (eg: YTR-6310) ML = 11.65mm / 0.459" (eg: YTR-6335H) ML = 11.68mm / xxx" (eg: YTR-4335G) L = 11.73mm / 0.462" (eg: YCR-2310II) L = 11.76mm / xxx" (eg: YTR-6340) L = 11.90mm / 0.469" (eg: YCR-8335) If anyone wants to supply me with the correct fractional imperial measurements it would be appreciated.

I'm assuming the 4th number was originally intended to designate the model or design within a particular set up.

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Post-1982 with the change to the 4 digit model numbers, the marketing material suggests the following. ) (Japan only) 1986-1990 8xxx US : Xeno I (Japan only, 1990-1994) 8xxx USII: Xeno II (Japan only, 1994-2001 8xxx : Xeno (international model, 2001-) 8xxx Z : Custom Z (Bobby Shew) 9xx : Custom (Rotary only) 9xxx : Xeno Artist Series (Chicago, New York etc.

) 1xxx : Standard 2xxx : Standard 3xxx : Intermediate 4xx : Intermediate (Rotary only) 4xxx : Intermediate 5xxx : Allegro (introduced 2010 - , intermediate?

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I think that this system worked initially until model models and artists developed and this system simply ceased to work as intended.

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