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I get prickly when people call me an “Eastern European Commie Lover.” That seriously makes no sense, and you are dumb.Here are some surefire ways to piss off a Czech currently living in the Czech Republic, or elsewhere. Yes, we consume more beer per capita than any other country.

These businessmen need a lady who understands the value of their dreams and support them at every stage of their life. § Czech girls are generally sharp and smart and usually are well educated.

Certain good dating websites which provide you the catalogues of the Czech women claim that the Czech women at their sites are educated from renowned universities and are proficient in reading, writing and speaking.§ Every person wants to date a girl whom he can travel along and enjoy with.

Also, beauty is the first concern of men when they are searching for their life partner and who doesn’t want to have a luscious, lovely lover as his wife!

§ Czech damsels are very supportive in nature and are an ideal choice for the business people, executives and opulent entrepreneurs whose first priority is their profession and career.

Any holes developed in our jeans are a result of wearing them out, not necessarily as a fashion statement. The reason so many of us look like we’re stuck in a 1990s time warp is because we never threw out that precious pair of jeans we bought in 1996, when Western fashion brands started buying up Czech real estate. Our country is landlocked so we don’t eat herring, and we drink beer, not vodka.

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