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The Virtual Yarrow Stalks I Ching seeks to duplicate this by having the user click on a group of virtual yarrow stalks of varying widths.Done without conscious effort, this is much closer to using real yarrow stalks than is instructing the computer to generate numbers. I like conversation, the promise of a future relationship and, essentially, learning about a new person. I like dressing up, the anticipation of a planned evening and that final spritz of perfume before dancing out the door, just late enough to be mysterious.

This is not unlike the flip of a coin, which is how many people consult the I Ching.

But the yarrow stalk method, in addition to an element of randomness, involves a volitional act on the part of the user, in the division of the stalks into two groups.

Nor did I know that many a couple meets via the online route; it’s everywhere today.

And I guess somehow, somewhere, I missed the fact that it’s suddenly ok to assume a woman who has a couple of drinks on a date wants to go home and sleep with you. Just because a woman (myself) is having a great time, it does not mean her valiant date should immediately expect their female counterpart to put out.

In other words, my enjoyment of a couple of drinks plus my potential enjoyment of you does not equally mean I will have sex with you after a few hours in your suddenly not-so-pleasant company.

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