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Or, if he starts to display one of these stereotypes, it’s important to understand the reasons behind it.Tinder had a total mare last night and decided to wipe away millions of people's matches. GIF source: Giphy Your Uni BFFs Are Friends For Life They've Seen You At Your Best... So if you are a new singleton back in the game, or you just need a ‘new-relationship refresher’, boohoo has got you covered.

' HAHAHAHAHA Friends That Eat Together Stay Together Let's face it, your uni loan doesn't give much scope for the high life. Group photos will most likely happen around about now where if you're on the end of the gang you'll literally be cut out come Instagram uploads - pick your spot wisely. The 'I'm going to take it slow' Moment We all know how this goes, start with a diet coke - pace yourself... Chances are you'll get dragged into it, or maybe you ARE that person. The ones who take it too seriously, the ones who throw their hands in the air like they just don't care, and the people who simply don't dance.

You can forget shopping trips and fun days out, but when someone shouts 'anyone want a Chinese? The Post-Uni Gossip Who else is going to care about that guy on your course who's now a super hot lawyer, fighting for animal's rights whilst posting selfies on the beach in South America!? There may also be a girl busting out the splits or maybe you and your crew have a dance routine rehearsed. Ladies - bring back up flats, your feet will thank you for it later. The New Best Friends Oh, hey person I've only made eye contact with once in the canteen queue but now we're lifelong friends. And why do I have 4 missed calls and 12 Whatsapps from my ex?

These stereotypes are based on, in part, infrequent situations that tend to be remembered.

Whether you are the friend, girlfriend or parent of a teenage boy, you should not assume these stereotypes will apply to the boy you know.

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