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The bouncer had let you through with no problem, his eyes skimming over the skimpy outfit and noticeable lace of your bra.You winked at him, wondering if Yoongi would somehow find out later. This particular club had been advertised around time, but with early classes you had no time to care. There were closed off sections, and without a doubt, you knew Yoongi would be in one.

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As you were practically forced out, you decided to make the most of it.

You had been saving this particular set of lingerie and dress for a more intimate moment, but in a half tired state of mind, you couldn’t care less.

She knew better than to fall for a lousy guy like Sam. Sam still refused to talk and he was sent to Cook County jail for contempt. pressured the Mexican government to stop protecting him.

and rival mobsters, the murderous gangster was helpless in the hands of the wholesome, "virginal" singer he first saw in Las Vegas. All those in the know say it was Phyllis who could not help herself. Well, they say “love is blind” and it could not be truer than with Phyllis's love for Sam. Sam again took the fifth, refusing to answer their probing questions, but was soon given immunity.

You thanked him even though he couldn’t hear you before walking through the crowd.

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