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The same goes for Sakura (who's probably hiding a yaoi fetish), and Konohamaru (is it really a coincidence that he develops two variations on the Sexy Jutsu AND he can use the Rasengan? Therefore the only explanation is that Chakra is powered by perversion potential.

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Both theories are mostly crack and based on the Rule of Cool and Rule of Funny, but if you think on it, it makes sense that Sakura is Yachiru.

Also, who wouldn't want to see Kenpachi and the rest of the 11th Squad appear in the Naruto world and kick major ass?

) but they both have Perfect Defences which would explain so much. Naruto's final fight with Madara Uchiha will somehow help the Fourth Hokage to pull out of his illusion and defeat him at the original battle with the Nine-Tailed Fox. The Juubi is a rogue program that was in charge of making sure the world ran properly and decided the best way to do that was kill everything on it. When he had to leave them back with Kisame, he was with Itachi and later Madara.

He's got a strong spiral motif, he never backs down, and he creates matter through shadow clones, he's friends with a drill obessed badass and he had a suspect relationship with a hotty. This is a happy ending because Naruto will get to grow up with two parents. Suusanno'o is a Robot, which is why it's so much stronger than other summons: They're just holograms. Think about it, he's very smart, but he has trouble interacting with other people, even his own teammates. In Konoha, Sasuke had his fangirls, as well as Sakura and Naruto to varying degrees. Even though Jugo is MIA, Karin was still around when Madara took him to Danzo.

Also, the entire Hidan/Kazuku was the result of their crushes on Shikamaru, but both are in denial over it.

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