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She served in that position for a single term, from 1999 until 2003, when she assumed the role of governor. Granholm was sworn in as the 47th Governor of the state of Michigan on January 1, 2003.In 2004, Granholm was inducted into the Michigan Women's Hall of Fame. The main issue facing the governor has been the massive budget deficit.

This time she finished the run in under 45 minutes.

After joining her husband Daniel Mulhern for the last two miles of his October 24, 2004 Detroit Free Press/Flagstar Bank Marathon run, Granholm remarked, "I would love to run a marathon before I'm 50." During Granholm’s first year in office, she made a significant number of budget cuts.

Granholm argued that the state had no internal means of determining which students had earned the scholarships.

After much criticism, notably from the Detroit Free Press, local area lawyers, and parents (who claimed to have received, and did produce, official letters promising the money), she awarded the students their scholarships, though the state's budget difficulties remained unresolved.

Granholm also called in the speech for an incentive package to offer tax breaks to filmmakers who shoot in Michigan and use local crews in production.

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