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After the dance we were driving to the Islander in L. Carolyn was wearing a beautiful blue strapless dress.

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My first friend was Carolyn Baker, and Cheryl Finney. I was taught the gospel by the Blair's..were an older couple who lived in the ward. Baker owned a business not sure what in Glendale but in Rancho Cucamonga He owned a couple of yogurt shops. Carolyn had two sisters (Colleen and Judy and a brother John.) a grandmother to 15 (with another one due in July), Carolyn’s grandchildren meant everything to her.

I was first brought to primary by Susan Peters...later to MIA by Carolyn in 7th grade. And we remained friends thru high school and BYU and even now in our granny days. Cheryl Cornwell Scott Note: Parents were life long members . She could relate to each one, no matter their age, and they all knew she loved them.

Tad Callister is the front row, fifth from the left. Bryan Pettit and Kent Gardiner go to an explorer conference at BYU. And I think back row, second from left is a Le Cheminant (one of Keith's sons but I can't pull the first name) and behind him is is his cousin, Jim Le Cheminant.

I am in the second row, eighth from the left and Mike Ragsdale is on my left. To do this Bryan and I travel with Bryan's father in a Ford Falcon, which is really uncomfortable all the way to Provo. At the conference one thing I remember was that is is more manly to cross your legs with one leg straight out and the other ankle sitting perpendicular across the top of your thigh. Next is Mike Ragsdale and two over from him, the shorter blonde boy is Walter Henry.

Above: Lto R Judy Parker from Burbank Ward, Harold Henry, organists GWW, Lorie Phillips who later married Doug Ensign, Richard pettit, Mickie Haring Neilson, John Glover, friend from Hoover and Barbara Pettit Parady.summer of 1965. As Hoover High School students, we were able to meet J.

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