Jensen ackles and danneel harris still dating

And For everyone reading this, I know these things because Im Jareds Cousin And From Personal expeirences Know Jensen Ackles.

If you'd Like to know anything more Just ask.- I don't know about Jared Padalecki, but Jensen Ackles faith is Christianity (Protestant).

In 2004 he did a short called "Plight of Clownana". He swears every once in awhile -from what I've seen in videos- saying things like "sh*t, a$$, etc" and maybe a f*ck sometimes, but not very often from what I can tell.

They are still currently together and attended a recent fan convention in Sydney, Australia in April 2009. He is a main character of the hit TV show on The CW Channel "Supernatural", He plays the role of "Dean Winchester". Jensen Ackles is now married to Danneel Harris, and now Jensen and his wife have a baby girl on the way-Jensen Ackles has already had a wife, and he is pretty discreet about his personal life himself. he loves his fans and likes reciveing gifts from fans though. but i dont know it :( OMG OMG ive been trying to find it all over google and everythingg. When they were on the set p…He is a smart and genuine guy.

There are rumors about him being gay but no one knows for sure, or no one has proof yet -Honey, if you have to ask, then 99.9 % of the time the boy is gay. so yea every celebrity has one probably ; but they dont give it away i bet . It takes him a little bit of time to come out of his shell around people and he still gets nervous when being interviewed.

Jensen has been dating actress Daneel Harris known for her role in "One Tree Hill" for nearly three years. Some people say they even think she was dating a girl.

They began dating shortly after co-starring the independent movie "Ten Inch Hero". Some people even thought she was dating Brittany Snow after the release of their 2006 movie" John Tucker Must Die".

Another clue is if the boy is prettier than al…of course he has an email but he is not giving it away to fans because then he would get thousands of emails a day. He feels a lot more at ease when there are people that he knows around him.

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