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While Fern brings people together to make the dating process easier and enjoyable, it cannot envision everything. “Compatibility is (predictable) with all the filtering available, but chemistry and compatibility are not the same.” After talking to Mc Donald for thirty minutes, Radafshar offered her final analysis.

She liked that Mc Donald was self-assured, confident and willing to use the online platforms as a social experiment to see what might gain traction.

“You have to understand, online dating is like another full-time job if you want to be effective and get the most out of it,” Radafshar said. After the first consult, which covers basic background dating history and what the client wants, needs or is missing in the online dating world, Ladafshar decides if the dater could benefit “Fern really just sees the very best version of yourself,” Radafshar said.

Before her Fern assessment, Mc Donald sent Fern a series of screen shots of her online content and posted photos. “And it helps you start or polish your personal brand.” Fern deciphers whether the client’s dating practices are more data-driven or spontaneous based on platforms, demographics and intentions.

Men were asking for anything and everything, and when I refused it was treated like it were a lawful duty I failed to carry out.

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