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And that, ladies and gentlemen, is a plot twist (although with no evidence to support it, kinda like a Michael Bay plot twist)!On Dyana’s side though, the bikini issue had only hardened her resolve to spend more time in the gym.

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This was kickstarted with photos from several prominent Malaysian women, including Dyana Sofya.

Puteri UMNO then called Dyana out for exploiting her body for donations, adding that it was a shameful act and she should have thought better of it.

many settling on Barisan Nasional and it’s network of pro-UMNO bloggers.

However, Utusan Malaysia reported that the guilty party was actually DAP, conducting a reverse smear campaign knowing that people would instantly blame Barisan once the truth came out and garner sympathy votes for Dyana.

Okayokay, just to make things clear, CILISOS has always had a strong policy about not using sex to sell our articles because we feel it’s a cheap way to get clicks and undermines the legitness of our content, and we’ve been adamant about sticking to these principles so far. we’re just noting something we’ve noticed whenever her name pops up in the news.

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