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He does kinda have to watch out for her at times, and I dont see romance stemming from that kind of relationship.

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said, I think it's a matter of interpretation; and that they were probably just going to be living in the same area from then on... Even if she lived with them, it would probably be more for her safety's sake; Marlin knows she'll probably be rather helpless on her own, so he takes her in. Robert is serious and apprehensive , not letting morgan branch out (as marlin doesn't let nemo branch out) because of his bad romantic experiances (and marlin won't let nemo do many things because of what happened to coral).

She is a great friend but i think she wouldn't make as good of a mom. While I don't think they are (as big a Dory/Marlin geek as I am, I acknowledge there wasn't romantic intention with these two characters in the film), it's left sort of vague when you think about it.

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Plus I think Marlin still has strong feelings for Coral and I dont think he was at the point where he would want to find a new mate.

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