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in the Malay language and ur means "town" in Tamil.) Aur (which sounds similar to ur) also means river in Malay. A major problem with this hypothesis is that the word "selang" does not in fact mean "strait" in Malay, not even in obsolete usage according to the Kamus Dewan;).It may be possible that the banks of the Selangor River was full of bamboo groves in the distant past.

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In the 15th century, Selangor was ruled by the Sultanate of Malacca.

After the fall of Malacca to the Portuguese in 1511, the area became hotly disputed between the Portuguese, Johor, Aceh and Siam.

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also known by its Arabic honorific, Darul Ehsan, or "Abode of Sincerity" is one of the 13 states of Malaysia.

However bamboo do not grow well in the marshy soil of the lower reaches of the river.

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