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Mods abledating

For further comment on these scammers then please read the link below. Hi Dmitry Rudakov, aka Frank Rowley or Matthew Lesley or Vicent Galiany. We have started legal proceedings against you you scumbag so do not think you can hide in vladimar, Russia and get away with it.

Again the new people on this WHT Forum praising Abledating are the scammers themselves. Yes support can be sometimes not very fast, but if you look at the demo and read the letters from your thankful customers after one month of work, it will be ok for you. Instead of writing up reviews of your site, you should be packing your bags as I know the Russian police will not be happy with all the documentation that quite a few of your scam victims have had. Early last year I purchased the full Able Dating package, including a custom logo design.

Able Space does look promising, and the people I've spoken to from seem credible...

Boon Ex is also somewhat attractive, but then again you have both Able Dating and Boonex, with its own spam topics ( just look up boonex scam in Google and abledating scam), who can I believe?

I've been online since before the internet had a user interface, and I must say that the three (3) worst online customer service experiences I have *ever* had include ABK*Soft and Vista Pages.

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