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In the past few months, Gomez has been linked romantically to Ed Sheeran, Niall Horan, Alexander De Leon, Cody Simpson, and, of course, Justin Bieber — rumors which all turned out to be false or exaggerated.Now, magazine is questioning whether Selena Gomez is dating Nick Jonas.

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Now that Gomez and Jonas are both single and once again moving in the same circles, everyone wants Gomez and Jonas to rekindle their love. Capital FM asked Jonas about his encounter with Gomez, and he explained it was exactly that: A brief encounter.

The two were spotted having dinner at the same restaurant in Los Angeles earlier this month, and while reported their run-in was "awkward," others hoped it was a sign that Gonas (Jomez? "We kinda ran into each other a couple of weeks ago.

" Well, that is a little bit more open-ended than a firm denial.

We'll continue to hold out hope of a Gomez-Jonas reunion, if only for the amazing "Burnin' Up" reboot opportunities.

We were both with separate groups of friends," Jonas told Capital FM's Max.

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