On line dating services that need photographers

The site serves over 6,000 cities across the USA and Canada, and is always looking for new photographers to add to its books.

Customers pay 9 for a basic photo session lasting around 45 minutes and Look Better Online shares the fee with the photographer.

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“I wanted to apply my storytelling skills to creating dating profile pictures," she says.

Therefore, she spends a few hours with her clients wandering the city in hopes of uncovering their endearing idiosyncrasies and capturing them using both a single-lens reflex and an i Phone.

Although photo-sharing and stock sites have attracted a lot of attention for their ability to generate income for photographers, there’s another kind of website providing work and revenue for photopreneurs: dating sites.

With millions of people looking for love online — and with profiles that include photos receiving ten to fifteen times more attention than those without them — the market for photographers who can help single clients put their best face forward is huge. Look Better Online, for example, is a national network matching portrait photographers with online daters.

She advises them to treat the session as they would a date, and thus prep for it in a similar manner.

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