Strong women dating men

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You Want to Change Him The fantasy for most women is “I want to rescue him” and “I'm going to be his princess,” Durvasula says.

“They get it in their head that they can help these men change for the better, but do you really want to be with someone who needs rescuing?

A strong woman who is established and secure in herself wants to be with a man who she can stand next to on the journey of life.

I often find that guys who consider themselves ‘nice’ and then wonder why they can’t attract the type of woman they want, have simply become far too flexible for the sake of not making any waves or having disagreements.

“Often times, narcissists make great partners for each other because they're playing the same games, so nobody feels like they're missing out.” When it comes to celebs, in particular, any publicity is good publicity, so it's win-win for both parties, she adds.

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