Tips for your online dating profile perthdatingguide com

A great way to make your profile better is to analyze profiles you really like.

If you're not willing to do whatever it takes to get solid photos for your profile that create a stunning impression, do me a favor and stop reading this article right now, because you’ve already lost the internet dating game. Although your online communication can make you appear more or less attractive in her eyes (without her even knowing it), she DOES care that you have a decent appearance and you’re a clean, healthy dude.

Beef up your profile to be more descriptive and unique.

Instead of “I like movies,” say “my favorite movie is ____ because _______” or use a movie character to describe you.

“I’m a lot like _____ in ______ because _______.” Use clever words that are descriptive.

Instead of saying “on hot days I like to go to the ocean or on a hike,” say, “on a sizzling day my adventurous side leads me to traversing the ocean on a sailboat or discovering a new waterfall that I can cool off under.” Instead of “I like to discover new things,” say, “I’m a lot like Indiana Jones in that I love exploring the mysteries of life, while educating my mind to appreciate new things.” Strive to give your profile some pizzazz by spicing it up sentence by sentence. 3) Filter Out Undesirables Your profile isn’t about getting responses.

Instead of “I’m looking for someone fun and humorous,” say, “I’m looking for a lighthearted man between the ages of 24 and 29 who enjoys the humorous side of life.

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