Updating the sims 2

- Servo's Do Chores function will no longer override the Free Will off setting.

- Visiting Sims will no longer get stuck after drinking lemonade.

- Wholesale Discount Difference is accurately subtracted when toggling items "Not for Sale".

updating the sims 2-13updating the sims 2-14

- Game will no longer lock out when traveling to a community lot from home in a car.

- Player is now reimbursed when using the "Move to Lots and Houses Bin" Tool on a business lot.

- The proper number of dates are now displayed in the memory for "50 First Dates." - Tilt, Spin, and Wobble will always restock properly.

- Game will not crash when entering EP2 lots after EP2 uninstalled.

- Fixed a timing issue where saving a lot just as a Sim is about to go home could render the Sim stuck on the lot indefinitely.

Last modified 17-Jan-2018 06:39