Who was michael jackson dating in 1983

The album actually spawned seven hit singles (out of nine overall album tracks).

With his newly-acquired astronomical wealth, Jackson purchased the rights to The Beatles' songwriting back catalogue (an investment worth several hundred million dollars).

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His fourth studio album on Epic, , features five original cuts followed by remixes of songs from the aforementioned album.

It was poorly critically received but remains the best selling remix album to ever be released.

But from my humble point of view, his biggest asset was his talent of being the 'ultimate entertainer'.

His concerts, the way he danced, his unique vocal style and his capability of surrounding himself with the most talented artists to come up with highly consumable, easy-to-digest pieces of work.

Anyway, I doubt anyone could resist tapping their foot and/or nodding along while uttering the lyrics to "Billie Jean". He knew EXACTLY how to get the perfect beat on a song, and he could do it perfectly, every single take. Jackson 5 were picked up by Motown Records in 1969 and had a string of pop-chart number-one singles.

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